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Cycle Statistics Over 11 cycles
Ovulation Luteal Phase Cycle Length
Average 13
Minimum 11
Maximum 15
Chart Legend:
Basal Body Temperature Curve:
The temperature plot represents each data point by a small dot. Each dot islinked to the previous one by a line.
detected automatically basedon your data or set by one of chart where the data may be lessaccurate.
DPO Count:After ovulation you will find the data section, the graph will display asquare instead of a dot. This is enabled by default. It can beenabled on a chart by chart basis byclicking on the Display Settings linkbelow the chart.
Cycle Days
The cycle day line displays the cycle day, the luteal phase and corresponding fertile window onceovulation has been detected. The luteal phase is colored in yellow/orange while the fertile window iscolored in green.
Chart Label
You can assign a personal label to each chart. Look in the menu Cycles/View Cycle List to enter it.
Primary and Secondary Signs − Pregnancy Tests
Cervical Fluid (CM Line):
The cervical fluid (also called cervical mucus and abbreviated CM) data line
uses the following codes:
A blank entry means that youdid not record your CM that fluid types in a two letter code.
For example egg white fluid entry denotes a clearly fertilesign.
Pregnancy Tests:
Intercourse/Insemination/Retrieval (BD

Intercourse morning andafternoon (More than once) Ovulation Predictor Kit
Saliva Microscope/Ferning Test (Fern
(OPK Line):
Label OPK Result
Label Ferning Test Result
Fertile signs are displayed over a greensquare.
Cervix (Cervix Line):
The cervix line uses a multi character representation:
Label Position Label Texture Label Opening
Clearly fertile input are displayed over a green square.
Fertility Monitor (Mon
Cycle History/Stats (Stats Line):
The stats line displays data based onyour cycle history.
Label Monitor Display
The colored squares represent the mostprobable days for ovuation or mensesbased on a statistical analysis of yourcycle history.
The stats line also displays whenappropriate a countdown (numbers from 5to 1) to the test date starting 5 daysbefore the recommended test date.
Energy (Ener Line):
Label Energy
The mood data entry uses the followingcode: Label Mood
Medications Special, Custom Data
The chart also includes 3 categories of data which are displayed on multiple lines. The medications group of data is displayed on multiple lines with a predefined code. The Special and Custom data use a systemof numbers with the key directly available at the bottom of the chart.
Medications (Meds Lines):
The Medication/Medical Procedure lines use the following code:
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