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A Healthy and Effective Weight Loss Management Formula Take This Product Until Desired Weight Reduction is Achieved Finally Slim contains the missing “Link”! Many weight-loss products or programs are missing a link! This “link” has to do with facilitating proper nutrition so as to feed the body what it needs, helping to decrease cravings which many of us tend to fill with “empty,” nutrient-deficient foods. With proper nutrition we can lose weight and expect to keep it off! Finally Slim engages the assimilation of nutrients that our bodies need via Universal Formulas’ proprietary blend of fulvic minerals and enzymes. The combination of fulvic minerals with enzymes is nature’s nutrient-delivery system. We call it the “Tracite Delivery System.” Nature employs a combination of enzymes and fulvic minerals to increase oxygen supplies to the inner cell. This in turn increases the nutrient uptake by all cells. It is this unbeatable combination that healthfully enables you in the direction of your ultimate weight loss! The Tracite Delivery System, or, TDS, is Finally Slim’s “Link.” The TDS links fulvic minerals to all nutrients and weight loss ingredients, including trace elements and macro-minerals, to increase their absorption and effectiveness by as much as sixty times! This system allows you to mobilize fats, increase metabolism and simultaneously enhance your general well being. Below is further detail on how the key components in TDS such as fulvic acids and enzymes, help in providing proper digestion and distribution of nutrients. The lack of trace elements in most weight loss programs is a primary reason for the failure of these products, in that they work for only a short period of time. The Tracite fulvic minerals in Finally Slim send key nutrients directly to the inner cellular structure while mobilizing fat in each cell of the body. Fulvic minerals enhance nutrient delivery because they permeate in and around the cell, facilitating fats out of the cell. Humans cannot digest or mobilize lipids out of the inner cellular structure of fat cells, or, out the body without enzymes! When we combine Tracite with enzymes such as the fat-digesting Lipase Enzyme, we “super charge” the Lipase, thereby accelerating the delivery of Finally Slims’ ingredients to the areas of greatest need. Finally Slim delivers lasting weight reduction! Many formulas for weight loss are simply diuretics that cause rapid water and nutrient evacuation from the system, which results in what at first seems to be rapid “weight loss.” However, since the fat cells remain unchanged by such methods, the weight returns to the body because the water is eventually regained. Such products deprive the body of necessary nutrition, ensuring the return of hunger even with a full stomach. An effective weight loss program should aid nutrition by enabling the body to absorb what it needs from food and supplements. In accordance with this, we recommend adequate supplementation of general nutrients during all phases of your weight loss program. Some weight loss formulas can induce early weight reduction by speeding up the metabolism of the thyroid through fat digestion and mobilization. Weight loss through these types of formulas is not usually sustained, however, without proper activity in the rest of the glandular system. Unfortunately, these same formulas only address the thyroid, not general glandular activity. The glandular system is important to metabolism as well as water movement in the body. Finally Slim, however, does enrich general glandular activity, balancing the glandular system as well as the body’s organs. Also, Finally Slim allows for proper nutrition in the cell and in the body. Finally Slim mobilizes fat while evacuating excess water from cells and tissues. Last but not least, Finally Slim reduces hunger, thereby affecting healthy weight loss that lasts. Universal Formulas, Inc. www.UniversalFormulas.com Finally Slim ingredients are “supercharged” with the TDS. The combination of herbs, enzymes and fulvic trace minerals found exclusively in Finally Slim assists our formula’s success. Not only will you lose weight on this formula, you are prone to higher energy levels because you are now getting the nutritive value of your food that you may not have had before. Like a well-tuned and smooth running engine, you will experience greater vitality. This is because these ingredients help to: Mobilize fats and excess fluids out of all the various biological systems; Increase caloric burn rates (thermo genesis) while assisting in the mobilization of undesirable Alleviate fatigue often associated with weight reduction: herbs supercharged with the “missing link” will energize the body and mind; Engage continuous weight reduction by assisting lipid metabolism: bio-mechanisms that produce and maintain obesity are inhibited with this increase in lipid synthesis is; Improve liver fat metabolism; Enhance digestion by helping to complete the breakdown of carbohydrates, fats and proteins that have previously remained undigested in the body; Supply protection for the body via natural antibiotics; Enhance eye function; Increase a general sense of well-being; Promote the proper elimination of “old fat” by moving fat from the body tissues into the liver and bowel for processing and elimination: specific herbs for movement of “old Fats” from fat cells to suspension in the liver and bowel. Keeping the fat in suspension allows the various organs of elimination to finally excrete the fat from the body; Provide compounds necessary for adequate adrenal hormone production: adrenal glands stimulate cellular energy production and natural inclination towards exercise; Improve circulation: fat deposits in the blood are decreased, thereby lowering cholesterol levels; Improve the ability for blood to deliver life-force oxygen to cells, thereby improving nutrient Weight Scaled Dosage: Take your weight-scaled dosage 15 minutes before each meal, as follows: 90 – 120 lbs: AM 2 Caps; PM 2 Caps; Evening 2 Caps 120 – 150 lbs: AM 3 Caps; PM 2 Caps; Evening 2 Caps 150 – 180 lbs: AM 3 Caps; PM 3 Caps; Evening 2 Caps 180 – 210 lbs: AM 3 Caps; PM 3 Caps; Evening 3 Caps 210 plus lbs: AM 4 Caps; PM 3 Caps; Evening 3 Caps Take this product until desired weight reduction is achieved. Take your dosage with water. Limit alcohol, caffeine, simple sugars and high yeast breads. Finally Slim should be part of weight loss program that also includes a balanced diet of nutritive foods and moderate exercise as well as proper supplementation. You may wish to accompany your Finally Slim dosage with Quint-Essence, Universal Formulas’ basic daily whole food supplement. Please DO NOT modify levels of any prescribed medication without first consulting your physician. Ordering Information: Finally Slim (Item #6642) 300 Vegi-Capsules Conveniently Order On-line at: http://UniversalFormulas.com NOTE: Thanks to Ralf Ostertag for his input into the authorship of this factoid and formula. Ralf is a founding member of Universal Formulas and remains active on the Advisory Board to Universal Formulas. The FDA has not evaluated these statements. This product is not intended to diagnose or treat any disease nor is this information intended to prescribe or diagnose in any way. Those who are sick should see a doctor. Neither the authors nor the owner directly or indirectly dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of these products as a form of treatment. Universal Formulas, Inc. www.UniversalFormulas.com Hoodia Gordonia is great for reducing hunger naturally and safely through biomechanics that align with natural body processes. Preliminary data from clinical trials report favorable effects related to appetite control and weight loss. This blend offers a generous amount of this herb to make weight reduction effective and significant. Some marketers say that Hoodia “suppresses” the appetite, but Hoodia actually helps control the appetite through the following mechanisms. The active compound is pregnane glycoside (similar in structure to a cardiac glycoside) that helps to maintain a balanced appetite by acting on the brain’s hypothalamus. Saponins act peripherally on appetite regulation, mainly on the vagal afferent nerves of the central nervous system, balancing the nervous system in areas where it’s connected to digestion. Chromium Picolinate improves the body’s use of insulin, thereby reducing the accumulation of fat deposits in the body. The ability of chromium picolinate to facilitate weight loss, particularly in conjunction with exercise, is supported by clinical studies. Yerba Mate has an ability to increase caloric burn rates while assisting in the mobilization of undesired fats and fluids from the cells and the system. Yerba Mate’ contains bio-chemical constituents that have demonstrated consistent results for weight loss and for producing a lean physique. For centuries, Yerba Mate’ has traditionally been consumed as a tonic and natural stimulant beverage to control appetite, stimulate body and mind and safely boost metabolism. It is also an excellent mild diuretic while also increasing the caloric burn rate, making Yerba Mate’ an ideal agent in Finally Slim. Garcinia Cambogia is a fruit that affects lipid synthesis and metabolism, found to be very effective for controlling obesity and cholesterol in our bodies. Garcinia Cambogia works in two ways: first, by inhibiting lipid synthesis and secondly, by controlling the urge to eat. It inhibits the absorption and synthesis of fat (lipogenesis), cholesterol and triglycerides. Mechanisms that produce and maintain obesity are inhibited when lipid metabolism is increased. The active principle in Garcinia Cambogia is hydroxycitric acid (or HCA). Turmeric is one of the greatest anti-oxidants in the herbal kingdom. Tumeric’s capacity to improve liver fat metabolism while helping to increase oxygen supplies to the cell is essential to this formula. Anti-oxidants encourage the body’s metabolism of oxygen in places like the liver, where, with enough oxygen, the liver can effectively process fats. The additional benefits of this herb include: improved digestion, better circulation, anti-biotic properties, improved eye function and increased fat metabolism. Dandelion Root helps to to effectively keep the fats and excess water moving through the hepatic system. It is a general stimulant to the system, especially to the urinary organs, and is chiefly used in kidney and liver disorders. The primary purpose of dandelion in our formula is as a stimulator of liver function. Increased liver efficiency translates to more balanced appetite and increased body energy…important ingredients in any weight loss program. Rhubarb Root ensures proper movement of “old fats” from the fat cells and into the liver and bowel. Rhubarb has a purgative action with true cleansing effects in the gut, removing debris and astringing with antiseptic properties as well. Mildly stimulating to the mucous membrane of our gut, rhubarb acts as a tonic by which the liver and gall ducts remove viscid mucus. Cleavers aids the Lymphatic system in general and serves in Finally Slim as a gentle diuretic. It functions to keep particles moving through the lymph system at an appropriate rate. As the largest fluid system in the body, the Lymphatic System is heavily involved with the weight-reduction process. Licorice Root can supply the adrenal glands with compounds needed for adequate adrenal hormone production. Without adequate adrenaline and other cortical hormones it becomes virtually impossible to lose weight effectively and keep it off. Slow-functioning adrenal glands are often a major contributing factor in severe cases of obesity. Universal Formulas, Inc. www.UniversalFormulas.com Fo-Ti Root, according to animal studies, helps to decrease fat deposits in the blood, lowering cholesterol levels. In addition, Fo-Ti is one nature’s finest all around glandular foods. Since so many of the glands in the body are directly or indirectly involved with metabolism and digestion, it is vitally important that we feed these glands optimum nutrition… especially while on a slimming program. Gotu Kola was found in clinical trials to strengthen connective tissue, increase circulation in the legs and improve cellulite. It assists in the elimination of excess fluids by improving the function of the lymphatic system. Gotu Kola is also an excellent nerve tonic, feeding the very nerves that are being stimulated by other herbs in this formula in order to increase metabolism and reduce appetite. Senna Leaf is approved by the World Health Organization for occasional constipation. We have added a small amount of the herb to the Finally Slim for its ability to aid the system in the evacuation of wastes, especially fats. Senna keeps the gall bladder producing sufficient bile, increasing both peristalsis and fat metabolism. Lipase, a fat-digesting enzyme, is necessary for the absorption and digestion of nutrients in the intestines. This digestive enzyme is responsible for breaking down lipids (fats), in particular triglycerides, which are fatty substances in the body that come from fat in the diet. Once broken down into smaller components, triglycerides are more easily absorbed in the intestines. In general, lipase supplements are thought to help the body absorb food more easily, keeping nutrients at appropriate, healthy levels throughout the body. Lipase ingested in adequate quantities produces a “Fat Digestion” within and around every cell. Coupled with Fulvic Tracite, this effect is enhanced considerably, causing a more rapid removal of “old Fat” from cells. The combination of these two ingredients is unique to Finally Slim. Cayenne Fruit (pepper) is a strong stimulant for circulation and to the upper digestive tract, with an ability to improve arterial blood supply and toxin removal in the alimentary canal. It also stimulates stomach-acid production, thereby increasing the stomach’s capacity to sterilize its contents and protect against enteric infections. This also guarantees proper preparation of stomach fats for the next stage in the digestive process. Dulse is an antioxidant and is known to treat a wide variety of conditions. Dulse is rich in vitamins and minerals including iodine. Dulse is an excellent source of iodine, a major component of the human hormones thyroxine and triiodothyronine that affect weight gain and cellular metabolic rates. Ginger Root has thermogenic effects on the entire system. Ginger, a capillary dilator, increases general circulation and oxygenation of fat cells. Accordingly, ginger helps to increase the mobility of fats. (that’s a good thing) Kelp serves in Finally Slim as a metabolism “booster.” Kelp is an excellent source of iodine, a major component of thyroxine and triiodothyronine, hormones that affect weight gain and cellular metabolic rates. The alginates (complex polysaccharides) in kelp, like other soluble fibers, have a soothing and cleansing effect on the digestive tract and are known to prevent the absorption of toxic metals like mercury, cadmium, plutonium and cesium. These alginates swell in the bowel, causing them to absorb toxins which move out of the body through later processing. Amylase Enzyme is a carbohydrate-digesting enzyme. It is a constituent of human pancreatic juice and saliva, in which it acts to break down long-chain carbohydrates, such as starch, into maltose which is then transformed by another enzyme, maltase, into glucose. Many plants also synthesize amylase during the ripening of fruit and during the germination of cereal grains. Amylase enables adequate carbohydrate digestion. Protease Enzyme, a protein-liquefying enzyme, is responsible in large part for digesting proteins in our food. Protein is probably one of the most difficult substances to metabolize. If the digestive process is incomplete, undigested protein can wind up in the circulatory system, as well as in other parts of the body…this condition is undesirable for safe and effective weight loss. Our formula contains protease in higher quantities, which helps in cleaning the body by removing unwanted protein from the circulatory system. Universal Formulas, Inc. www.UniversalFormulas.com Cellulase (fiber-releasing) Enzymes is a family of enzymes that react with water to break down cellulose. The proper digestion of cellulose in the diet is essential for anyone wishing to lose weight. The benefits of proper fiber intake are realized only if fiber is fully digested. Fully digested or broken down fiber acts much like a scrubbing sponge that cleans the bowels and result in a lower risk of colon cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Bromelain Enzyme is a proteolytic enzyme, or, protein-digesting enzyme, helpful for proper absorption of nutrients. In our formula, Bromelain is “supercharged” with Tracite, acting as an excellent alimentary canal anti-inflammatory and helping to ensure full, effective digestion and use of Finally Slim’s other ingredients. Papain Enzyme is a protein-splitting enzyme, or, protein-digesting. One of the most desirable effects for losing weight is accelerating the rate at which we move nutrients and waste in and out of the cells. Our “supercharged” Papain does exactly that. Tracite is a combination of 77 un-modified Organic Trace Mineral and Elements. The combination ratio of Tracite’s minerals is only found in nature. The crystalline trace minerals in Tracite can be imagined as miniature diamonds passing through the roots of plants one generation after another for eons. Through each generation of plant growth and decay, called, “the humification process,” these minerals are “super charged” with more and more solar and earth (mineral–electrolyte) energy provided by the healthy flora environment. Having been digested by three different species and successive generations of microbes, as well as supplemented with minerals from the ocean that once covered them, the plant phytochemicals that compose Tracite are extremely complex fulvic compounds. These fulvic compounds are some of the most unique naturally occurring mineral complexes in the world! No other weight management formula includes Tracite that “super charges” your body, which can then burn calories more efficiently and better energize the cell. The fulvate compounds and enzymes contained in Tracite crystals are also present in much smaller quantities in organic fresh and raw fruits and vegetables that are grown in mineral-rich soils. However, given modern diets and soil treatment, the enhancement of our supplements with fulvic acid minerals is essential to better absorption of nutrients. In other words, most foods do not contain the proper mineral proportions for cell nourishment. Universal Formulas, Inc. www.UniversalFormulas.com Among the many reasons why people fail to lose weight are the following: General nutrient deficiency, from diets that lack in fresh or raw foods and diets that include heavy amounts of “junk” food, ‘fast food’ or highly processed food, will disable the body from proper metabolic processes. Some common “junk” ingredients are preservatives, colorings and empty-carbohydrates, which are simple/white sugar (from beet root) or white flour. Simple sugars in general deplete from full nutrition because of the digestive energy being concentrated on ‘foods’ that are nutrient deficient. Most alcohols are a prime example of this phenomenon. We recommend proper nutritional supplementation to combine with your weight-loss plan in addition to a well-balanced diet. Not knowing how to feel full in a safe and healthy way. We recommend filling up on generous quantities of fresh fruit and fresh vegetables. Fresh fruit and vegetables are great for burning fat. Fats other than olive oil and unsalted butter, especially margarine and other “Plastic Fat” products. We recommend avoiding these latter ‘oils’ while attempting to lose weight. Removing ALL fats from the diet instead of including healthy fats in the daily diet. When all fats are removed from the diet, our glands are not able to produce enough healthy hormones that are also involved with a person’s metabolic rate. Lack of sufficient movement (notice we did not say exercise)… Even movement like walking Lack of sufficient pure water, or, over-abundance of chlorinated, fluoridated or otherwise chemically treated water will prevent proper hydration and cleansing in the body as well as contribute to pollution in the body. Too many hard-to-digest proteins, from animal sources. Meat sourced-protein is more demanding to the digestive system and therefore of energy that may otherwise go to mobilizing fat from the body. Proteins from plants or eggs, however, are more efficient since they are easier for our bodies to digest. Enabling ourselves to make an exception to our own rules, in terms of our diet guidelines, can empower us as agents of change in how our bodies work. We don’t need to ‘do it all at once’: taking it one step at a time towards weight reduction, we can make small changes consistently. If you want to, allow yourself to spontaneously “cheat once a week,” especially with a healthy alternative (such as sorbet rather than ice cream, or, a fruit and nut bar rather than a snickers). You did not gain your total weight overnight, so you can allow your weight to reduce over time as well. Drinking too much milk, especially hormone-enhanced and anti-biotic supplemented milk (as is commonly sold in grocery stores). The combination of these “extras” and the milk present a difficult combination for those of us who are working on our diets and weigh-loss plans. Milk and milk products in general are hard for our bodies to digest, and we recommend organic styles of these should you choose to continue at all with dairy. Staying inside all day every day; sunlight helps our metabolism by stimulating glandular activity, thereby assisting in a weight-loss program as well as in general well-being. “Fat Blocker” products with dangerous chemicals that can be counter-effective because they block the body’s natural lipid-metabolizing process. Unbalanced and/or fad diets such as Weight Watchers, South Beach, a high protein diet or a low-carb diet, etc. that ultimately fail to deliver proper nutrition in the body. Universal Formulas, Inc. www.UniversalFormulas.com

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