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Note of use
> 1 – ON / OFF button.
> 2 – Digit Reset button (RAZ).
> 3 – Upgrade average button (MAJ).
> 4 – Wheels coders (average input).
> 5 – Warning light : low battery.
Caractériscs (subject to modifications) :
Maker’s guarantee : 12 months date of purchase With and less special count-unit (Marathon or Dimensions : Hight : 85 mm / Width : 58 mm / Depth : 28 mm Supplying : 1 battery 9 Volts. (Battery ULTRALIFE 9 volts/1200 MAh Lithium Type U9VL is advised) Average programming by codification wheel ; Using track : Average : to 0.01 at 99.99 ; Display : 4 digits "led hight intensity". Consumption : approximately 50 MAh.
How to use your ATB ?
1. Before leaving the regularity area, turn ON your ATB by using the button (1).
Note : The digits count-up using the average input when you turn ON your ATB.
2. Program the average speed by using the wheels coders (4) (eg : 49.99 Km/h (or Mls) = 4999) ;
3. Press MAJ button (3) ;
Note : The digits display using the average you have just programmed.
4. On the regularity area start line, when the count-down is beginning, press continuously on the RAZ
button (2) on your ATB. At the start top, release the RAZ button (2). The digits counts up.

How to respect the average speed ?
The same numbers must be seen on your ATB and count-unit.
> If your count-unit is less than ATB : SPEED UP ;
> if your count-unit is up than ATB : SPEED DOWN.
Note : The respect of the average will be only available if your count-unit is correctly calibrated and if you

How to change the average in the regularity aera ?
1. During the process of regularity aera, you can input a new average speed by using the wheels coders
(4), without pressing the MAJ button (3) (your ATB uses the original average speed).
2. At the geographical point where you have to change the average, press the MAJ button (3). At this time
your ATB works with the new average speed. It isn’t necessary to reset your count-unit and ATB
simultaneously. The total length is kept but the average speed is modified.

Why the red light (5) is ON ?
The warning light is ON when the battery begins to be low. We advise to replace it quickly to avoid any
The Councils of use:
In order to benefit as well as possible from the possibilities of your ATB, we advise you to use a pile 9 volts of very good quality (autonomy moving continuous: approximately 2 hours) of 6LR61 type (autonomy moving continuous: approximately 2 hours), or a pile of the type U9VL - ULTRALIFE 9/VOLTS 1200 MAh with Lithium (autonomy moving continuous: higher than 12 hours). The use of an accumulator 9 volts is not recommended because of fast fall of tension during the lighting of the red indicator. Moreover, during its use, we advise you not to leave it fixed on the dashboard but to hold it with with the hand in order to limit the vibrations which could distort measurements.


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