Microsoft word - anglicans ablaze prayer diary dec 2012 - feb 2013

Mon 04 Pray for more opportunities for local missions in order to
Tues 26 Continue to pray for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit
grow teams for missions outside our country SA Tues 05 Please pray for SOMA UK for mission teams to DR
Wed 27 Pray for Mission Agencies in their endeavour to reach
the lost. Pray for HAGGAI & OMF in training missionaries Wed 06 Pray for an increase in intercessors, for training
Thurs 28 Pray for African Enterprise and its leaders, pray
opportunities & faithfulness in praying & listening especially for Stephen Lungu as he retires, may God appoint his Thurs 07 Pray for PYC Executive Meeting in Lesotho (07-10)
anointed person to take on the task for International missions December 2012, January & February 2013
Fri 08 Pray & Fast for GTC Board Members Pray for the Staff
“I pray also that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in Sat 09 Pray for the training of team members for the missions
order that you may know the hope to which he has called you” -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
SOMA is a mission agency called by God to serve the Anglican Sun 10 Pray for Chris Viljoen (ND of SOMA Southern Africa)
(Alison) dividing his time between Parish and SOMA SOMA MISSIONS INTERNATIONAL:
by building up and equipping the Body of Jesus Christ; Mon 11 Pray for Anglicans Ablaze Board in SA made up of
through the renewing power of the Holy Spirit; leaders from Iviyo, New Wine, GtC & SOMA SA 22 Nov – 04 Dec SOMA UK mission to the Area Diocese of Tues 12 Pray for ACSA and the various Anglican Provinces on
principally through short-term, cross-cultural missions; the continent of Africa to be a shining light in the darkness for the transformation of individuals, churches and MISSIONS:
Wed 13 Pray for Pam Berning (Keith), as Prayer-Coordinator for
Anglicans Ablaze & SOMA, producing prayer updates GROWING THE CHURCH:
This prayer diary upholds all those in mission, praying for Thurs 14 Pray for Mission Agencies in their endeavour to reach
Bishops, Mission Agencies, National Directors of SOMA and the lost. Pray for HAGGAI & OMF in training missionaries Pray for the fulfilling of God’s plan for his Church intercessors, knowing that prayer opens the doors to the saving Fri 15 Pray & Fast for GTC – Missions
grace and life of our Lord Jesus Christ. Sat 16 Pray for Bishop Martin’s ministry and leadership in the
Annual National planning meeting 29 November Diocese of St Mark the Evangelist, Growing the Church, For further details, info or r
02-09 December Nonhlanhla Shezi on spiritual pilgrimage of solidarity with Palestine representing SACC & ACSA -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Sun 17 Pray for refreshment for Bishop Martin and Trevor after
07-10 February PYC Executive meeting in Lesotho the Conference, give thanks for their dedication to serve God AE MISSIONS:
Mon 18 Pray for Archbishop Ben Kwashi (Chairman of SOMA
Email: [email protected]
Pray for new Foxfire Director Julian Yon Tues 19 Pray for the Bishops of ACSA in the leadership of their
Pray for preparations for AE City Mission to East London 2014 If you would like to receive th is Prayer Diary by email,
please contact Chris Viljoen: [email protected]
Wed 20 Pray against corruption and dishonesty in Government,
Prison Ministry and Discipleship initiatives CONFERENCES & EVENTS:
Thurs 21 Pray for all theological colleges and for the training of
01 December St Mark the Evangelist Diocesan Synod mtg 22-24 February 2013 Rooted in Jesus Training Conference in the Diocese of George. Fri 22 Pray & Fast for GTC – for Trevor Pearce (Cheryl)
Deputy Chair for SOMA: for refreshment & renewal as they
21-23 March 2013 Rooted in Jesus Training Conference in Sat 23 Pray for Bishop Martin Breytenbach as he leads a team to
____________________________________________________ conduct a Rooted in Jesus Training Conference in the Diocese of DECEMBER 2012
George. Pray that God will raise up the right people to receive Sat 01 Pray for the Synod of Diocese of St Mark the Evangelist
this training & empower them to implement it in their parishes for their elections of God-centred and gifted people. Pray for the Red Frogs ministry in Plettenberg Bay (01-05) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Sun 24
Pray for the closing of the Rooted in Jesus Training
Sun 02 Pray for Nonhlanhla Shezi, President of Provincial Youth
Conference in Diocese of George. Pray for young people to be Council on the spiritual pilgrimage of solidarity with Palestine part of SOMA Teams in 2013 and for their ministry in Southern -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Mon 25 Pray for Bishop Richard Ellena and the rebuilding of
Mon 03 Pray for Bishop Martin as he puts out invitations to the
Rooted in Jesus Training Conference in his Diocese next year Tues 04 Pray for SOMA UK mission to the Area Diocese of
Wed 26 Pray for refreshment for all our leaders in the church as
Wed 16 Pray for the impact of the Anglicans Ablaze Conference
Awerial Youth Leaders (22 Nov – 04 Dec) that many Anglicans who attended will continue to be renewed, Wed 05 Pray for the Archbishop of Canterbury elect Rt Revd
Thurs 27 Pray for joy as we prepare for the New Year
Justin Welby (Caroline), pray for wisdom and filling of the Holy Fri 28 Pray & Fast for GTC
Thur 17 Give thanks to all who put time aside to organise this
Sat 29 Pray for GTC as they fulfil the requests for training in
amazing Conference, thank you Lord for meeting us in love Thurs 06 Pray for SOMA Australia new National Director Colin
Dioceses especially in Discipleship, Preaching, Youth & Prayer Fri 18 Pray & Fast for GTC - for Tony Lawrence (Veronica) &
Walters (Kay) and for Bruce Moon (Julie) preparing for -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
the Provincial Youth Council to be effective in their ministry Sun 30 Pray for unity in the church and the need to grow
Sat 19 Pray that we may be ready to meet the challenges of this
Mon 31 Pray for peace in our land
Sat 08 Pray for Bishop Dinis Sengulane marrying Lina today.
This is a great joy after the death of his first wife Bertha in 2008. Tues 01 NEW YEAR’S DAY Pray for the SOMA International
Sun 20 Pray for SOMA UK mission to Diocese of Bukavu in DR
Advisors & their Ministry in Renewal, pray for the Holy Spirit to Congo that the security situation will improve to allow this Sun 09 Pray for Ugandan priests from Bunyoro Diocese
lead and guide: Archbishop Mouneer Anis, Bishop Martin returning from the mission to Seychelles declaring what the Lord Breytenbach, Revd Alfred Cooper, Mrs Rose Marie Edwards Mon 21 Pray for SOMA prayer coordinators: Rose Marie
Tasker, Mrs Martha Onwuzurumba, Bishop Gabriel Sharma, Edwards Tasker - SOMA International, Hilary Steynor - UK, Mon 10 Pray for Bishops of ACSA that they may be inspired
Bishop Joseph Lee, Archbishop Henry Orombi, Bishop James Linda Faith Chalk - Canada, David Bahler - NZ, Pam Berning - Anglicans and lead the way with honesty and vision Tengatenga, Bishop Albert Vun, pray for blessing on their SA, Carol Updike - USA, Bev Hargreaves - Australia Tues 11 Pray for New Wine that their planning day will result in
Tues 22 Pray for SOMA SA, pray especially for Chris Viljoen,
Wed 02 Pray for Nicole Corlew, a missionary from USA,
the National Director, allocating more time to SOMA Wed 12 Ember Day: Pray for those to be ordained, may God’s
working with GTC in the areas of Young people and Wed 23 Pray for SOMA USA for Dr Glen Petta (Debbie) ND,
Holy Spirit fill them for ministry and mission for wisdom in fund raising to increase base of funding support Thurs 13 Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, Israel & Palestine.
Thurs 03 Pray for Bishop Martin Breytenbach for refreshment
Thurs 24 Pray for families in SA, for Biblical Values and love
Fri 25 Pray & Fast for Trevor Pearce & his assistant Estelle.
Sat 15 Pray for peace in our land, that all may be satisfied and
Fri 04 Pray & Fast for GTC, SOMA and YP
Pray for SOMA Canada and for Bishop Len Whitten in make a difference. Pray for God-inspired elections in the ANC Sat 05 Pray for the children of our land, that we may protect
remaining a contact with SOMA International -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
them and encourage them to grow in the Biblical values Sat 26 Pray for SOMA Nigeria, Bishop Tunde Adeleye (ND)
Sun 16 Ember Day - pray for all those to be ordained today, that
(Dorothy), in expanding the work of SOMA throughout Nigeria they may be filled with God’s Spirit for mission and ministry. Sun 06 Pray for renewal in all Anglican Churches in SA
Pray for the enthronement of Rt. Rev. Stanley Ntagali as the 8th Mon 07 Pray for Bishop Martin as coordinator of SOMA
Sun 27 Pray for Revd Trevor Pearce & his wife Cheryl, for
Archbishop of the Church of Uganda at St. Paul’s Cathedral, International Advisors in discerning what God is saying at this time, and in drawing together the International Advisors Mon 28 Pray for Anne Taylor (Rodney) involved with the
Mon 17 Pray for SOMA SA Executive: Bishop Martin
Tues 08 Pray for God to raise up people to plan and run Diocesan
Breytenbach, Chris Viljoen, Rob Kay, Pat Goldhawk, Jacques Tues 29 Pray for regular donations to help grow the ministry of
Jefthas and Pam Berning in discerning God’s plans for 2013 Wed 09 Pray for more of God’s Spirit to be poured out upon all
SOMA SA in 2013. Pray especially that God may open the Tues 18 Pray for all intercessors for earnest prayer and for
storehouse to contribute to Chris Viljoen’s stipend inspiration for Pam Berning (Keith) Prayer Coordinator of Thurs 10 Pray for the gospel to be proclaimed in our churches
Wed 30 Pray for SOMA SA Council meeting 19-20 June 2013,
Anglicans Ablaze & SOMA producing regular prayer updates and communities, that many unchurched people will hear and that the Council may hear God and implement His plan for Wed 19 Pray for peace and well being in the world
Thurs 20 Pray for Archbishop Thabo Makgoba (ACSA), for
Fri 11 Pray & Fast for GTC – finances and resources
Thurs 31 Pray for SOMA UK mission to Wau, RS Sudan, this
strength and guidance and protection as a leader of the Anglican Sat 12 Pray for a good response from the young people as they
year and Team Leader Philip K in following up last year’s work Church, give him wisdom and discernment in all his decisions Fri 21 Pray & Fast for GTC: the power of God’s Holy Spirit
Fri 01 Pray & Fast for GTC & SOMA for the Power of the
may renew and transform all who come to “Bethlehem”
Sun 13 Pray for all schools and universities that they be open to
Holy Spirit to be poured out upon His Church and its leaders Sat 22 Pray for refreshment and joy at this time
Sat 02 Pray for Mr Keith Chua (Treasurer of SOMA Int.) (Irene),
Mon 14 Pray for Ian Ballentine (ND) (June), SOMA Ireland in
for God’s blessing upon his involvement in the Diocese of Sun 23 Pray for SOMA to be effective in sharing the gospel
Mon 24 Pray for response to God’s calling “to come
Tues 15 Pray for young people to respond to the SOMA
Tues 25 CHRISTMAS DAY. Pray for a new awakening of
Missions. Pray for AE Foxfire teams, YWAM, pray for those Sun 03 Pray for Revd Drew Schmotzer (Secretary of SOMA Int)
taking the Gap Year serving Christ, Youth for Christ & for Youth in his ministry in Menouf & as Chaplain to Archbishop Mouneer


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