Appendix i: standard kit list

Short Trip Packing Checklist
You should consider that whatever you pack, you wil have to carry with you. Therefore, be careful not to get too excited and take too much. Ideal y you should have a 60-80 litre rucksack or holdal and a smal day sack (30-35 litres). You should use the fol owing checklist as a guide: Essential Items
 Photocopies of your passport and cash cards in case the originals are lost or stolen; the copies should be packed separately from the original documents  Passport and Visa
 Spending money & ATM Card
Suggested Items

Clothing/Footwear for Project work/Cycling/Activities

 1-2 sets of lightweight, quick drying, loose fitting long-sleeved tops and trousers for evenings
 2 pairs of long shorts or cropped trousers
 3 loose-fitting t-shirts
 Well worn, comfortable and sturdy walking shoes/boots/trainers
 1 pair of heavy duty gardening/work gloves
 Socks
 Hat, ideal y with wide brim to protect head, face and neck from the sun, and/or bandana
 Sunglasses (with high UV protection)

Please note that you may be working in areas where the locals expect a certain dress code. In these
cases you are asked to respect their customs and wear the appropriate levels of dress, e.g. long sleeves.
Camouflage/military clothing is also not suitable
Clothing/Footwear for Leisure/Spare Time/Cooling Off
 Swim Shorts or suits
 Flip flops
 Sarong

Day to Day Supplies

 Smal day sack/rucksack (30-35 litres)  Dry bag or plastic sealable bags (good at protecting equipment such as camera from dust,  Notebook and pens or pencils  Insect repellent spray (ensure contains DEET or equivalent)  Sunscreen lotion with SPF 30 or higher  Water bottles (1 litre capacity minimum)  Antibacterial hand sanitiser  Head torch or smal hand torch with spare batteries
Bedding and Bathing

 Pyjamas/Nightwear  Personal washing kit (we recommend bringing biodegradable soaps and shampoos)  Lightweight travel towel
Personal Supplies
 Underwear – enough for 5 days, plus a spare pair
 Anti-malarial tablets (if applicable)
 Personal first aid kit (see below for suggested contents)
 Earplugs & eye mask if you are a light sleeper
 Lip Balm with high SPF
 Wet wipes/Baby wipes/Tissues
 Contact lenses & solution (if applicable)

Personal First Aid Kit
Below is a suggested contents list. However, this is only a guide and you should consult a doctor should you have any questions. You should also consider sharing a kit between 2 or 3 of you or at least share specific items.  Personal medication e.g. prescription drugs/inhalers  Plasters  Steri-strips for wound closure  Crepe bandage 7.5cm  Painkil ers  Antiseptic Wipes & Iodine Solution for wound/bite cleaning/sterilising  Antihistamine cream and tablets  Anti-diarrhoeal tablets (e.g. Loperamide, Imodium)  Decongestant (e.g. Sudafed)  Throat sweets  Re-hydration sachets X 10 (e.g. Diarolyte)  Tweezers  Scissors  Antacids
Optional Items
 Diary or journal  Camera with batteries/battery charger  Mobile phone (depending on school policy)  Books  Sewing kit  Spare batteries  A rol of twine and several bungies for strapping things together/washing lines etc  A pocket knife although make sure it is smal and packed in your hold luggage  Talcum Powder – good for keeping your feet and other sweaty areas dry


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