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Learn Product Recall
A major producer of pain relief medicine has had to advise the publicvia the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products RegulatoryAgency) alert system that packs of their product are to be returnedto the point of purchase.
The reason for the recall is that some rogue packets had been foundto contain tablets or capsules of Seroquel (used primarily to treatbipolar disorders) and Neurontin (an epilepsy treatment).
Clients might think they don'tneed product recall insurance It is estimated that 250,000 units are being recalled, amounting to but have they thought aboutsupplier, regulatory and approximately eight million tablets, and production has been A spokesman from the firm said: "Sabotage is suspected and we are working with the police on a formal investigation to find the person orpersons responsible.” latest ProductRecall Bulletin, produced forChartis by our expert food This recent incident highlights the real issues may companies face.
Given the sheer size of the numbers involved, this single event could cost the manufacturer dearly, not only from a profitability point of view but also in terms of damage to their brand and reputation.
Clearly, responsive handling of the logistics and a quick resolution of the cause is critical to the recall operation.
both within the UK andacross the European Union. You can learn more about in the comicstrip to the right.
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the volume recalls or border rejections across awide range of products. The graphic short story on the right hand side helps illustrate how important it is to consider supplier, Training Days
Various training courses are available that are suitable for Contact us via Email:
food/beverage and consumer product industry clients, as well as any broker dealing with this type of account.
Designed to be informative and practical and in some instancesincorporating group exercises to ensure maximum output. There area wide range of courses available which will cater for all needs, or ifrequired a bespoke training programme can be sourced.[01/12/2011 15:56:40] Get a quote, today
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