Once a dancer: an autobiography, 1998, 352 pages, allegra kent, macmillan, 1998, ebook

Once A Dancer: An Autobiography, Allegra Kent, Macmillan, 1998, 0312187505, 9780312187507, 352pages. One of the greatest of George Balanchine's ballerinas, Allegra Kent joined the New York City Ballet atthe age of fifteen and only two years later inspired Balanchine's "The Unanswered Question" (from Ivesiana).
Beautiful, sensuous, mysterious, she quickly became an essential Balanchine dancer. He created central rolesfor her in 'Episodes', 'Bugaku', 'The Seven Deadly Sins, Stars and Stripes', and the 'Brahms-SchoenbergQuartet', as well as reviving 'La Sonnambula' for her. An immense favorite of audiences here and abroad, shehad a particularly spectacular success on the company's famous Russian tour in 1962. But the story of herpersonal life is at least as dramatic as the story of her rise to fame. Raised haphazardly by a mostly absentfather and an all-too-present mother, she married the first man she ever dated, the celebrated (andcomplicated) photographer Bert Stern. And she suspended her career three times to have children, no matterwhat the cost to her work. Allegra Kent is today a triumphant survivor of a difficult, troubled, yet deeplygratifying life, and her writing reflects the intelligence, grace, and artistry that characterized her dancing. Heraccount of a bizarre childhood, a magnificent if unusual dance career, a charged, complicated, domestic life,and a never-ending struggle with emotional, physical, and financial pressures is fascinating as are her portraitsof the other great dance figures who punctuated her life, from Balanchine to Baryshnikov. Twilight, Texas , Ginger Chambers, Robyn Donald, Dec 1, 1998, Fiction, 299 pages. .
Leap year, a year in the life of a dancer , Christopher D'Amboise, 1982, Biography & Autobiography, 210pages. .
Dawn Weller Portrait of a Ballerina, , 1984, Ballerinas, 168 pages. .
Dancing on Water A Life in Ballet, from the Kirov to the ABT, Elena Tchernichova, 2013, Biography &Autobiography, 312 pages. The pageantry and drama of a life in dance.
Balanchine Celebrating a Life in Dance, Costas, 2003, Performing Arts, 256 pages. Celebrate the art and workof George Balanchine, widely considered this c entury's foremost choreographer. Born in Russia then exiled toParis in 1924, Balanchine moved to the .
In Balanchine’s Company A Dancer’s Memoir, Barbara Fisher, Oct 3, 2006, Biography &Autobiography, 211 pages. Intimate recollections of a wondrous time and place.
The classic ballet basic technique and terminology, Muriel Stuart, Lincoln Kirstein, Carlus Dyer, 1952,Performing Arts, 243 pages. Offers a broad introduction to the history, techniques, movements, andnomenclature of ballet.
Distant dances , Sono Osato, 1980, Biography & Autobiography, 301 pages. .
The Real Nureyev An Intimate Memoir of Ballet's Greatest Hero, Carolyn Soutar, Dec 27, 2005, Biography &Autobiography, 192 pages. A backstage memoir takes an intimate look at the complicated life, endless searchfor perfection, and outrageous experiences of one of ballet's greatest icons and heroes.
Life in dance , Darcey Bussell, Oct 8, 1998, Biography & Autobiography, 247 pages. .
Darcey Bussell A Celebration, Clive Burton, 2007, Biography & Autobiography, 176 pages. When the finalcurtain came down at London’s Royal Opera House in Covent Garden on June 8, 2007, it marked theend of an era for the Royal BalletвЂ―Darcey Bussell, Britain’s .
Page one special commemorative edition celebrating the 100th anniversary of the purchase of the New Yorktimes by Adolph S. Ochs, 1896-1996, New York Times, 1996, History, 400 pages. Reproductions of frontpages from the "New York Times" provide a documented account of American and world crises anddevelopments since the Paris peace treaty after World War I.
O Solo Homo The New Queer Performance, Holly Hughes, David RomГЎn, 1998, Literary Criticism, 481pages. An entertaining, provocative anthology of essays, scraps, and other pieces by gay and lesbianperformance artists from New York to Los Angeles treats such subjects as racism .
Maria Tallchief America's Prima Ballerina, Maria Tallchief, Apr 15, 1997, Biography & Autobiography, 351pages. Traces the life of the legendary ballerina, Maria Tallchief, the wife and inspiration of choreographerGeorge Balanchine, who grew up on an Indian reservation and rose to fame .
Holding on to the air an autobiography, Suzanne Farrell, Toni Bentley, 1990, Biography & Autobiography,322 pages. Suzanne Farrell describes her career as a principal dancer with the New York City Ballet, herrelationship with George Balanchine, and her return to dance after hip-replacement .
Imperial Dancer Mathilde Kschessinska and the Romanovs, Coryne Hall, 2006, Ballerinas, 354 pages. Thevivacious Mathilde Kschessinska (1872-1971) was the mistress of three Russian Grand Dukes and the greatestballerina of her generation. As a young girl, she had enjoyed .
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